Dear NPSOA Members,

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Kevin is absolutely fantastic to work with. He was able to offer me a proposal for estimated savings from the past statements, and actually exceeded the proposed amount! We’ve saved 36% by switching to Pineapple! We have seen a 70% decrease in phone calls with card numbers, as customers can now use our pay now site. Our bookkeeper is so grateful for the instant deposits to our account and itemized, clear data she can pull from our web terminal for card balancing. This really has been a WIN WIN WIN scenario! Kevin, WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Tami Keener


On the strength of recommendations from the NPSOA listserv we decided to give Kevin a try. We’ve been with Kevin for over 3 years now. Our rates used to average well over 3%. For 2021 our effective rate was a mere 2.48% with Pineapple Payments. The savings is welcome, but the service is what keeps us with Pineapple Payments. Kevin handles everything for us!

If we run into issues or need help it is so nice to be able to reach out to Kevin. He knows me and my staff. He knows what we need and has given us more tips and advice than I can relate. With Kevin we feel like we are a valued customer!

Ben Travis

Copy Express, Charlotte NC

I have been utilizing Kevin and his services for over a dozen years. When I first started, he was able to save me money which is why I switched to him, but after dealing with him for a few months, I saw it was more than just the money my company was savings, it was the personal attention to details. Before long I was recommending him to my clients and associates and I never had any say anything but how great it is to work with Kevin. I would suggest you ask him to give your account an evaluation and then give him a try and see what I am talking about!

Nathaniel Grant

Graphics & Marketing, Sterling VA

Dealing with one of the most un-tech-savvy people in the universe would make most Merchant Services representatives run for the hills. Not Kevin Lee! With the patience of a saint, the thoroughness of a CSI technician and the penny-pinching soul of Scrooge, Kevin managed to take my company’s credit card processing from the late 1800’s to 2020 in just about a nanosecond, all the while saving me thousands of dollars per year. As a bonus, I now appear to be “with it” to my team! Yay, Kevin Lee and Pineapple Payments!

Paula Fargo

Curry Printing & Copy Center, Baltimore MD

We have used Kevin Lee and Pineapple payments for a couple of years now. Kevin has always been very helpful and available when we have a question or concern. They have saved us time and money with our credit card processing. They do a great Job!

Mark Smith

Peacock Print & Marketing, Mt. Vernon IL

By moving our payment processing to Pineapple Payments’ CardPointe Platform, Copyquik Printing has realized a $3,417 savings in 2021. We have transitioned slow-paying customers to CardPointe, helping to keep our average receivables under 30 days. Our customers enjoy the convenience of this payment option, and we enjoy the quick payment (often same day) of their invoices. An additional benefit to using Pineapple Payment is Kevin Lee himself, as we have never experienced customer service at the level Kevin provides. He is very responsive to any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Kevin and Pineapple Payments’ CardPointe platform for your processing service.

Barry Martin

Copyquik Printing & Graphics LLC, Hagerstown MD


Kevin Lee is a bankcard sales consultant with over 17 years of experience and has been a provider of payment processing services for different associations along with the National Print & Sign Owners Association. Kevin has been grateful for his ongoing partnership with NPSOA and its member clients and continues to foster relationships established with them. A longtime Washingtonian, he enjoys listening to podcasts, working out, reading, binge-watching on Netflix, attend sporting events, wine tasting, and exploring new vacation destinations.